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1217 Trinity Woods Ln
Maitland, FL 32751



Parish Ministries

Our goal of our Ministries is to affirm the importance of the family as a blessed gift from God "Family as a Church", and to address the specific needs of families as they try to live in a very challenging culture and world. This theme is derived from the phrase used by the Apostle Paul "Kat'oikon ekklesia", "the church in the home." Just as early Christian families were influenced by the unique connection to the church meeting in the home, we will focus on the importance of families being connected to the Church, so that worship (Leiturgia), witness (Martyria), education (Paideia), service (Diakonia), fellowship (Koinonia) are attributes that are known and practiced in the home, just as they are in the Church. Through these programs we will bring more aspects of our faith into the home and help bring more families into the Church.

Parish Council

Proistamenos: Father Constantine Simeonidis - email
President: Mrs. Maria K. Haun
Vice President: Dr. Sophia Cordoba
Treasurer: Mrs. Anne Logas
Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Michael Sorich
Secretary: Mr. Sebastian Filutowski


Mrs. Aris Harrelson  * Mrs. Dora Francis  * Mr. George Kassianides  * Mr. Alex Vastardis   

Mrs. Rosie Papagiannakis * Mr. Dean Vonetes  * Dr. Andy Tringas * Mrs. Lisa Bradshaw                             


  • Bible Study: Reverend Father Demetrios Simeonidis

  • Bereavment & Senior Caregiving: Chris Rothenberger

  • Bookstore/Gift Shop: Flo McMahon, Pamela Filutowski & Irene Sorich

  • The Good Samaritan Society: David Brock

  • Cantors and Readers: Pantelis Xikis

  • Choir Director: Stacey Norton

  • Greek Fest 2019: Dr. Sophia Cordoba, Mrs. Joyce Yarbrough & Mr. Alex Vastardis

  • Pre-Marital & Family Life: John & Jeana Dragash

  • Prayer Armada: Melissa Georgiadis and Linda Martin

  • Society of Wisdom: Mary Mantzaris

  • Tables Extraordinaire: Venetta Jones & Kyrki Arhakis


Chair: Dora Francis  Members: Anna Bolaris, Georgette Khoury, Pamela Filutowski, Sophia Cordoba & Eve Montero

Advisor: Jeana Dragash

  • Adult Spiritual Enrichment: Pamela Filutowski

  • Altar Servers: TBD

  • Asteria: Zoe Jones & Elecktra Burnett

  • Catechetical School: Presbytera Elaine Simeonidis, Maria Haun-Davis and Irene Sorich

  • Children's Playgroup: NEEDED

  • Filarakia: Gina Avgeropoulos & Anna Saiger

  • GOYA Advisor: Lila Grkovic Assistant: Sebastian Filutowski

  • Hellenic Academy Principal: Tassos Mitrogogos

  • Hellenic Dance Troupe: Staci Lagoutaris

  • HOPE/JOY Advisor: Volunteer Needed

  • Jr. Hellenic Dance: Niki Arhakis

  • Little Aegean Dancers: Effie Hill

  • Mission Ministry: Maria Psarakis & Alyce Diamandis

  • St. John Oratorical Festival: Niki Tringas

  • Young Adult Ministry: Sebastian Filutowski and Christina Victory

  • Youth Choir: Stacey Norton

  • Youth Narthex Duty: Jennifer Cokias

  • Vacation Bible School: Monica El-Gharib

Parish Committees:

  • Architectural Review Committee: John Dragash

  • Building and Maintenance Committee: Alex Vastardis, Mike Sorich & Sophia Cordoba

  • Church Beautification Committee: Katerina Papaioanou & Flora Milios

  • Finance Committee: Alex Vastardis, Ken Davis & Jose Behar

  • Hall Rental Committee: Sophia Cordoba, Philip Logas, Maria Haun-Davis, Sebastian Fliutowski & Anne Logas

  • Stewardship Committee: John Richtmyer

  • Welcome Committee: Rosie Papagiannakis

Auxiliary Groups:

  • OCF