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1217 Trinity Woods Ln
Maitland, FL 32751



Holy Trinity Iconography Project

Anyone who witnesses an Orthodox liturgy for the first time will be struck by its frank appeal to the senses. The central actions of the Liturgy are, to be sure, the consecration and distribution of the bread and wine that constitute the Lord's Body and Blood. But the chanting and choral singing, the incense, the vestments and ritual movements of the priest and acolytes, and the images everywhere around are not mere embellishments. They are integral aspects of the whole liturgical "event". They reveal and celebrate its meaning... Read More...

Our latest phases of our Church Beatification Project began close to 6 years ago, and will continue for several more years.  You may browse through our gallery to see some of our additions.  This project has been made possible through the Tables Extraordinaire Event as well as generous donations by individual families.

  A link has been added for your connivence if you should be so moved to help us complete this sacred Project.